Online investing: Describing the Share Sales

Online InvestingTo record the sale of shares using an investment form, display the investment account’s register, click the Easy Actions button and click Sell/Remove Shares to open the Sell/Remove Shares dialog box. To record the share sale, enter the sale date in the Date box; enter the security in the Security box; enter the number of shares being sold in the Of Shares box;

enter the share sales price in the Price/Share box; and enter the sales commission you are paying, if any, in the Commission box. If you’re recording a current sale, indicate the account into which you’ll deposit the sales proceeds by clicking the Yes, To option button in the Record Proceeds? section of the dialog box; and then select the account from the Yes, To drop-down list box.

Otherwise, if you’re recording an earlier sale and don’t want to adjust a bank account balance for the sale, click the No option button in the Record Proceeds? section of the dialog box.

If you want to specifically identify the shares, click the Specify Lots button and use the Specify Lots For dialog box to specifically identify as many shares as you’ve said you’ll sell.

If you don’t use the Specify Lots button to specifically identify the shares you’re selling, Quicken uses a first-in, first-out costing assumption to calculate the capital gain or loss on the sale. In other words, it assumes the shares you sell are always those you’ve held the longest.

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