Online investing: Recording Share Splits

online bankingA share split occurs when the mutual fund or company gives each current shareholder new shares. In a two-for-one split, for example, a shareholder receives one new share for each share already held. Someone who holds 100 shares prior to the split.

For example, holds 200 shares after the split. You can record share splits directly into the register or with an investment form, but the investment form approach is easiest. To record a share split transaction using an investment form, display the investment account in a register, click the Easy Actions button and click Stock Split to open the Stock Split dialog box.

To describe the share split, enter the split date in the Date box, enter the mutual fund or stock that’s splitting in the Security box, enter the number of new shares equal to one old share in the New Shares box, and enter the number of old shares in the Old Shares box.


You can edit investment account transactions using either the register or the form used to originally enter the transaction.

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