Recording Interest Income and Reconciling Investment Accounts

online bankingRecording Interest Income

It’s likely that you’ll earn interest or other income on the cash balances you hold in your brokerage account. To record this interest or income, click the Easy Actions menu, click Record An Income Event, and then fill out the Record Income dialog box as described earlier. The only difference in recording cash balance interest and miscellaneous brokerage account income rather than stock income is that you don’t identify a specific security.

Reconciling Investment Accounts

You can reconcile mutual fund investment accounts and brokerage investment accounts. In a mutual fund, you reconcile just the shares. In a brokerage account, you reconcile shares and the cash balance.

Mechanically, reconciling an investment account works like reconciling a bank account. If you’re comfortable using Quicken and have reconciled a bank account, you’ll have no problem reconciling an investment account.

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