Tracking Market Values and Updating Prices Online

online bankingTracking Market Values

To provide the current price-per-share information to Quicken, display the Portfolio View of the investment account by clicking the Portfolio button at the top of the register or by clicking the Investing menu and then clicking Portfolio View.

The Portfolio view lists each of the securities you hold within each account. The abbreviation “est.” shows next to the prices of those security prices that are only estimates. To track the market value of a security, select the security and then enter the current market price in the Price column.

Updating Prices Online

You can quickly and easily retrieve security price information using Quicken. If you have an Internet connection and have entered ticker symbols for all the securities you want to track, Quicken can update the prices and adjust the market values automatically. Simply click the Update button in the Portfolio view, and then click Get Online Quotes.

Click the Update Now button or click the Customize button to open the Customize Investment Download dialog box. Here you can specify the securities for which you want to get updated prices. Click OK, then click Update Now to connect to the Internet and download the information you requested. As you do this, you will see a series of messages as Quicken connects, transmits, and receives information over the Internet.

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