Describing the Bonds You Sell

Online Investing Describing the bonds you sell is easy as long as you have the necessary information: the number of bonds sold, the price per share (or the transaction total), and the commission paid (if any). You also need to know the amount of accrued interest you will be paid. As with other investment transactions, you can record bond sales either directly into the register or by using an investment form; using an investment form is easier.

To record a bond sale, click the Easy Actions menu and click Sell/Remove Shares. In the Sell/Remove Shares dialog box, click the Summary tab. Enter the sales date, name the bond being sold, give the sales amount and sales commission, and indicate where you’ll deposit the money. After you record the bond sale, you need to record the amount of accrued interest you’re being paid.

In effect, the bond purchaser pays you your share of the next interest payment. To do this, click the Easy Actions menu, click Record An Income Event, and fill out the Record Income dialog box so that it describes the accrued interest being paid.

From your perspective, it’s irrelevant that the bond purchaser rather than the bond issuer pays the interest, so recording this accrued interest payment works just like recording a regular interest coupon payment.

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