Online investing: Describing Bond Purchases Part (2)

Online Investing4. Enter the brokerage commission you paid in the Commission box.

You can enter any three of the following four inputs: number of shares, price, commission/fee, or total of sale. Using the three values you do enter, Quicken calculates the fourth value.

5. Identify the cash you’ll use for the purchase.

If you will use cash from some other account for the purchase instead of cash from the brokerage account, click the Yes, From option button and use the box to enter the name of the account. Do this only if you’re not using a linked cash account.

6. Record the transaction.

Click Done. Quicken records the transaction. After you record the bond purchase, you usually need to record accrued interest paid to the previous holder. In effect, what you’re really doing by paying accrued interest is giving the previous bondholder his or her share of the next interest payment. To record

this accrued interest, follow these steps:

1. Open the Return Of Capital dialog box.

Click the Easy Actions menu, and click Return Of Capital to open the Return Of Capital dialog box.

2. Describe the accrued interest.

Enter the purchase date in the Date box and the bond or lot name in the Security box. In the Amount box, enter the accrued interest you paid as a negative number. If you want to identify the transaction as an accrued interest adjustment, use the Memo box.

3. Record the transaction.

Click OK. Quicken records the accrued interest transaction.

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