Online investing: Describing Bond Purchases

Online Investing Whenever you buy additional bonds, you need to record the purchase and any accrued interest, so you actually record two transactions. As with stocks and mutual funds, you can record bond purchases directly into the register or by using an investment form. Because the investment form approach is easier, it’s the one we’ll describe here.


Bond prices are quoted as a percentage of their face, or par, value. A $1,000 par value bond that sells for $950, for example, has a price of 95. Because Quicken calculates the total security amount as the price times the quantity, however, you can’t enter the bond price as a percentage. Instead, you need to enter the actual dollar price. To describe a bond you’ve purchased for $950,

for example, you enter the price as $950.

To record a bond purchase, follow these steps:

1. Open the Buy/Add Shares dialog box.

Click the Easy Actions menu, and click Buy/Add Shares to open the Buy/Add Shares dialog box.

2. Record the purchase date, bond name, and number of bonds purchased.

Enter the purchase date in the Date box, enter the bond name in the Security box, and enter the quantity of bonds you purchased in the # Of Shares box.

3. Enter the dollar price per bond you paid in the Price/Share box.

Remember that Quicken expects you to enter the actual dollar price you paid, not the price as a percentage of the bond’s face, or par, value. You don’t include the accrued interest in the bond price in step 3. You record that bit of information later.


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