Using Netscape Navigator and Messenger


· Obtaining and Installing Netscape Communicator

· Exploring Netscape Navigator

· Using Bookmarks

· Searching the Internet

· Using Netscape Messenger

· Customizing Netscape Navigator

As we mentioned earlier in this book, Netscape Navigator is one of the two most popular Web browsers in use today, the other being Microsoft Internet Explorer. Netscape Navigator is part of Netscape Communicator, a suite of Internet tools that also includes the following:

· Messenger, an e-mail and newsgroups client

· AOL Instant Messenger Service (AIM), which is instant messaging software

· Composer, a program for creating Web pages

· Radio, a free feature that you can use if you register with Netscape Netcenter.

We’ll look first at Netscape Navigator and then take a brief look at Netscape Messenger.


We’ll be discussing Netscape Communicator as it is installed on and works with Windows 98 Second Edition.

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