Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: Great Tablet for Your Life

If you hear about Galaxy, it is not talking about solar system anymore because name “Galaxy” is available in one of popular brand, Samsung. Yes, Samsung Galaxy is one of the most favorite tablet types for the time being. Due to high demand, Samsung Galaxy launched many Galaxy types, for example: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 successfully makes people interested in buying it because of its high-quality features. Besides, it also supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that means this tablet type is very great. By the way, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 also uses Dual-core 1 GHz as the processor that gives powerful performance when you use it.

If you are interested in buying this great tablet you can choose among black and white color. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which has white color has beautiful appearance while the black one has elegant impressed. You can get nice tablet that has dimensions about 193.7 x 122.4 x 10.5 mm and weight about 344 grams by only paying about $424.68 USD. Due to its simple and thin size, you can bring Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 everywhere easily.

You might think that the price is expensive enough but you will never regret buying this tablet type because of its great features. Talking about the features, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has two cameras: main camera is 3.15 MP with 2048 x 1536 resolutions that is equipped by geo tagging and smile detection, and secondary camera is VGA. After taking pictures, you can save your photos inside its 1 GB RAM memory. If you think that it is not enough, you can add up to 32 GB memory capacity to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Releasing in April 2012 ago many people are interested in buying Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 types because it can entertain people life by using other features and applications. You can connect this table easily using Bluetooth and connect to Internet using Wi-Fi connection.

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