Intel Nikiski Concept: A Cool Laptop with Transparent Touchpad

Intel Nikiski ConceptIntel Nikiski is a cool laptop that is equipped with light keyboard so its keyboard looks shiny. Name of Nikiski comes from a town in Alaska. This laptop is available in white color which makes it looks luxurious. There is a Nikiski’s written in its body that also beautify this cool laptop’s appearance.

It has a 20 mm thickness and 1.4 kg weight. In active mode, this laptop can survive for 5 hours, it means you have enough time to watch video, type your job or assignment, or even playing game. To support its performance, Intel uses Windows 7 to equip this laptop. The best part of this laptop is it has a wide transparent touchpad which is located at bottom part of its keyboard.

It looks like common glass transparent but you will be amazed by it when you close this laptop. This transparent touchpad can be used as touch screen media to do browsing, checking email, checking calendar, seeing battery power, etc. It means you don’t need to open this laptop anymore if you just want to do these activities.

Intel stated that this transparent touchpad applied Metro-Style concept which could be used to see bottom part of Intel Nikiski product and got updated information. It really matches with you who want get updated information simply and easily by your laptop. If you want to have this transparent touchpad laptop, it which was showed at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2012 in Las Vegas in January 2012 is sold for USD 600.

Intel authorities also stated that Intel Nikiski was a cool laptop which would be released as soon as possible to public. They expected that this laptop would be best seller product.

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