Sony Crystal LED TV: Watch Your Movies Conveniently

Sony Crystal LED TVWatching television is fun; you can get updated information starts from sport, technology, economic, etc. Using the right high quality television at home is the right choice to produce high quality picture when watching favorite programs or movies. To get pleasures in watching, you can choose Sony Crystal LED TV to create the pleasures.

Sony Crystal LED TV was introduced at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2012 in Las Vegas as the first LED TV that uses Crystal Clear technology. This technology works differently compared to your television at home. Generally some people don’t know that LED TV which is sold at department is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV which uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlit technology as light source. Its working principle is a LCD panel which consists of thousand pixels will be lighted by LED lamp and then the panel will display picture on your television.

In this product, Sony changes the working principle; it uses 6 million pixels LED mini technology to change LED lamp that is used on LCD TV. LED mini is able to produce four time bigger resolution compared to 1080 pixels resolution which is usually used. This technology offers point of view for 1800so you can get sharpness and clearness picture or three time brighter picture than LCD TV although you sit far away from this television.

Advantage of using Sony Crystal LED TV is you just need to spend electricity power for 70 watts compared to LCD TV that consumes 101 watts. Using this television you can save your money to recharge your electricity cost each month.

Overall Sony Crystal LED TV is so interesting but Sony does not know when this smart and powerful product will be released. Sony still needs long time to develop component and material of this product.

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