Build Online Store by Using PrestaShop

Build Online Store by Using PrestaShopPrestaShop is web instant software which can be used to build online store. This software can be installed by using web hosting with specification: Linux, Windows, PHP (Personal Home Page) with 5.0 versions and its next versions, Apache 1.3 version or IIS 6 versions and its next versions. PrestaShop supports payment portals like Google Checkout, PayPal, and several payment methods from API (Application Programming Interface).

PrestaShop was released in 2007 for business which is small and medium scale. This software which uses Smarty as its template engine is used by thousand online stores in the world.

Advantages of PrestaShop

PrestaShop which is developed in Paris, French has several advantages and looks better than others. It has complete features like chart, featured product, or tag product. It is designed professionally so its display looks interesting. You can distinguish either supplier or brand and choose several shipment and payment media easily.

In online store development, PrestaShop fills all simplicity factors start from friendly links, various navigations, complete product pages, to checkout processes. Special for friendly link feature, URL or web address from a product can be made explicitly by entering name and product category so customers can remember the product easily.

Simplicity of PrestaShop for customers

Most of customers like simplicity when shopping on online store. This simplicity is a main factor that can make people shop online, of course don’t forget to security factor too. Several simplicities that can be got by customers when shopping on online store which uses PrestaShop are they can find products easily get complete information detail, shop quickly, and do transaction smoothly.

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