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Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is software which is produced to learning activity based on internet and web site which uses social constructionist pedagogy principle. This principle explains that the best way to learn is learning from students’ point of view. The role of teacher in Moodle system is interacting to students personally to comprehend their learning need and moderate students’ discussion and activity to direct and guide them so they can achieve learning purposes.

Moodle is one of applications from teaching learning concept and mechanism which use information and technology or it is known as electronic learning (e-learning).This software can be used for free as open source product which is licensed by GNU (GNU’s Not UNIX) which is operating system of computer contents of free software. It can be installed in computer and operating system which is able to run PHP and support SQL (Structure Query Language) database.

Philosophically, there are four learning concepts from Moodle for education development, constructivism, constructionism, social constructivism, and connected and separated. Constructivism is a generative learning concept to create a meaning from learning material which is learned.  Constructionism is a learning concept which focuses on social character which is built from education.

Social constructivism is a learning concept that states that students can build and get their knowledge from their experience both personally and socially. Connected and separated concept which means teachers and students should connect or interact each other in learning and teaching process and teachers can separate a student group to others to measure students’ skill.

Using Moodle you can use several features like assignment submission, discussion forum, file upload, ranking, chat, online calendar, news, online quiz, and Wiki feature.


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