HP Envy Sleekbook: A HP’s Mainstay Weapon

HP Envy SleekbookIn 2011, HP (Hewlett Packard) nearly sold its personal computer division because performance of this division continued decreasing. At the moment, this problem was caused by iPad and Galaxy Tab which took over market. This statement is announced by Mr. Dion Weisler, a senior vice president, Printing and Personal Group, HP Asia-Pacific at HP Global Influencer 2012 event that was hold in Shanghai, China, on May 9th 2012.

Mr. Dion said that ultrabook would be able to answer all market demand which want another electronic product was like tablet. Basically, ultrabook has everything owned by tablet in which ultrabook has slim design, light weight, and good durability or is able to be used to either switch on or switch off instantly.

HP will fight seriously to beat tablet that is favored by many people at this moment. This vendor will flood market with the newest ultrabooks which are HP Envy SpectreXT, HP Envy Ultrabook, HP Envy Sleekbook, and HP EliteBook Folio 9470m. From those four ultrabooks, HP claims that they will rely on HP Envy Sleekbook as mainstay weapon.

HP Envy Sleekbook is a type of ultrabook but its price is affordable so Hewlett Packard believes that this electronic product can beat tablets in the market place. HP Envy Sleekbook has a slim design and a 15.6 inches screen. This new HP’s product is equipped with AMD processor. Do you want to know its price? If you do, HP Envy Sleekbook will be sold about USD 600. Meanwhile, HP Envy Sleekbook which is equipped with a 14 inches screen and an Intel processor will be sold about USD 700.

By giving affordable price for the newest ultrabook, HP expect that this product can attract users to buy HP Envy Sleekbook. Interested?

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