Characteristic of Good Information System

Running a business people usually use some information systems in order to ease the business activities. Using no information systems at all means all of the business activities done and checked manually. It’ll be troublesome and bring errors anywhere. Make sure you use information systems if you run a business or organization and make sure that they are good ones. What are the characteristics?

  • Accessible
    Good information system should be accessible. This means the data and information delivered can be accessed not only from certain computer (office computer) but it can also be accessed from other devices like tablets, mobile phones, etc. This is very important to enable all business members in checking information or doing mobile monitoring anywhere using any devices that they have.
  • Complete
    Good information system should give information of the entire business activities completely. Forgetting to provide certain field to be inputted can lead to a big mistake. For example, if you sell motorcycles and your accounting staff that manages the information system forgets to input the payment dates. Later, you cannot generate report of sales within certain time period. This is the example of incomplete information. Or, if the information system that you use cannot generate important reports so you cannot take decision. If it happens, you should ask the programmers to upgrade it or change it with another one.
  • Secure
    Running a business you certainly have certain information that isn’t allowed to be known by people out of the business. This is why good information system should be secure. It’s for protecting your business data from unauthorized users. Good information system can only be opened or logged in by authorized users or your business employees/members using their own passwords.
  • Relevant
    Good information system certainly should be able to provide relevant information that is needed by employees or by the decision makers. Entering or displaying irrelevant information will only waste money and time. Yes, because business and organizations have to pay the people to manage the information system take care of the server, upgrade the system, etc. In fact, providing irrelevant data means it is useless and fails to reach the main goal of information system.

Always use information system and make sure that you choose the good ones. Make your jobs done easily and effectively.

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