Some Advanced Technologies for Your Company

To increase a company’s productivity and make workers work optimally, most business owners equip their companies with adequate facilities, such as: air conditioners, heaters, computers, printers, escalators, fridges, etc. Aside from providing adequate facilities for workers, to improve a company’s productivity, you need to implement advanced technologies, such as:

Surveillance camera
A surveillance camera is the right solution to monitor all workers’ and even guests’ actions both inside and outside (around) company effectively. You can install some cameras in some company’s areas, such as: meeting room, workroom, lobby, warehouse, escalator, and parking area. Furthermore, this device enables you to prove illegal actions, like thefts that are probably done by your bad worker(s).
The best part of installing surveillance camera is you can make workers concentrate on and focus on doing their jobs more.

storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network and a configuration solution of data storage media in bulk (terabyte). SAN avoids having data loss when accessing data from storage system, detects data errors, adds server and storage independently without requiring you to install certain software first, and transfers digital data fast without reducing bandwidth in LAN (Local Area Network)/WAN (Wide Area Network). Furthermore, this storage prevents disturbances when accessing and transferring digital data.
To get qualified storage area network (SAN) that is supported by ISCSI storage technology, (iscsi storage technology is of the most advanced technology nowadays), check it out or visit Digiliant’s site soon.

M2M is technology that allows both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same ability (Wikipedia). It can be applied in various industries, such as: general usage (smart metering), security (remote surveillance), logistic (fleet management system), transportation (vehicle tracker), general insurance (mobile telematics), health (remote diagnostic), automation (smart appliance), and finance (wireless EDC & POS). By using M2M, you can connect a device to network wirelessly, get real time data anytime fast, and avoid getting network interruption and frequency disruption.

By implementing these advanced technologies, hopefully your company’s productivity will continue to increase significantly. Good luck. 🙂

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