Upload Your Video to Your Blog

Some people love recording sweet moments they experience with their beloved people using camcorder. After that, they transfer the videos from the camcorder to their PC to then edit them to create family movies or directly watch the videos together with family.

Do you have the same hobby (recording moments using camcorder)? It’s good if you do. Impressing moments with your beloved people or when doing challenging activities just become memories in mind and can be forgotten as the time goes by. You don’t want it, right? Thus, always record your moments, whatever it is, whether when you date with your boy/girl, when your baby learns to walk, when you climb a rock, etc.

Apart from recording moments using camcorder, how about uploading the videos to your blog (you have a blog, right?) so you can show to your friends whatever you experienced and did. It sounds good, right? Let your amazing moments watched by not only you and your family but also people all over the world or at least your friends on blog.

The question now is could you upload the videos that you captured using your camcorder to your blog? If you couldn’t, just follow instruction below. The ways are very easy. Even, they’re as easy as when you post file or make a new post on the blog.

The point is that you need to transfer the videos from the camcorder to your computer first. Instead of uploading the video directly on your blog, it is better to upload it to YouTube to then embed it. Why? Because YouTube has a great server with unlimited bandwidth that enables your video load fast regardless the number of people watch the video. Simply create a Gmail account to upload videos on YouTube.

Keep recording moments using your beloved camcorder and keep uploading them to blog!

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