Powerful Zoho Docs Features

To ease workers to create, manage, organize, share, and collaborate on documents fast, most businesses use online document management. One of the high quality and reliable online document managements that are often used is Zoho Docs. This doc tool is different from others because it is equipped with a lot of powerful features, such as:

Document management

This feature enables workers to save much time in managing all their files because they can do it on one location easily and fast. This happens because there is Multi Level Folders to locate files to folders based on topic or criteria, such as: sales, marketing, services, etc., Document Version History to keep track of changes made that allows them to view original files before editing, and Full Text Search to look for files by mentioning the keywords and identify files based on text format so they can finds files easily.

Online collaboration

Different from other online collaboration tools, Zoho Docs smart online collaboration tool eases workers to connect and work better as a team by using Task Management, Online Chat and Check-In/Check-Out. Task Management enables them to assign others to review a document, assign tasks to subordinates, and give completely job descriptions to ease those subordinates to do their tasks. Keep the communication among members is the main function of Online Chat. Workers can chat with others in either group or private chat. Meanwhile, Check-In/Check-Out control helps them edit, lock and unlock documents.

Online file sharing

Find out a lot of easiness in sharing files. Workers get some sharing options: private file sharing, group file sharing, online workplace, share file externally, and adding tasks. They can also share a file/doc as a link that eases the recipients to access and view the file. Besides, Zoho Docs is integrated with Zoho Mail and Google Drive so they can send files and import docs on Google Drive to Zoho Docs instantly.

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