SEO for Small Businesses

Are you looking into SEO for small businesses with and do you want to know what types of terms you should target? This is the best place to start, and you have two basic options. You can choose to target niche terms that do not get many searches every day, or you can target broad terms that get a lot of searches. Is there a benefit to looking at the niche terms, or is it a waste of time?

There are some negatives to a plan that uses niche terms. For one thing, you cut back on potential traffic right at the beginning. If only ten people per day are even looking for the terms, how many of them are going to choose you? Even at 10 percent, which would be pretty good, that is only one person. If you target terms that have ten people looking for them every minute, you increase the potential traffic tremendously.

However, the benefit of niche terms is that it is easier to rank at the top in the search engines. For those broad terms, there are already plenty of companies that rank highly. Some of them might be multi-billion dollar corporations. Competing with everyone makes it difficult to find your way to the top. Even if a lot of people search for the terms, that does not mean they will find your site. You would rather be on the top of the page for a few people who may click the link.

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