Please Change Your Password …

change passwordI don’t like the time when I have to change my password. I do understand that the provider recommends that for my own safety. Butttt… it’s so hard to create new password that is unique, contains both lower and upper letters, includes number, and also includes at least one symbol. It’s easy to create because I can just press any symbols to get the password.

BUT, how about remembering it? As we know that it’s not safe to store the password, especially email accounts’ internet bankings’ passwords because it’ll be dangerous when irresponsible people found it. Storing them on the smartphone? It’s not a good idea either because smartphone thieves are everywhere.

Thus, what to do to deal with this? First, of course we have to change our password unless we no longer want to use that service. It’s because some providers block us to proceed further unless we change the password.

For people that have similar problem, don’t get frustrated easily when looking for email help because at the end a good and reputable man or company will help you 🙂

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