Why Should You Use Abongo?

I really regretted last week because I could not do my job well. At that moment, some of my clients asked me to check their website because of having any problems. Actually, I could do that job well because I am a web professional. Nevertheless, my father got sick and had to bring to hospital. As a good son, I really worry about his condition. This made me unable to focus on my job. I did not want to disappoint my clients, but I had to prioritize my dad. I brought my father to go to another hospital in another city so he got optimal medical treatments.

This made me unable to do my job well whereas there is a qualified webmaster tool that can help me fast, named Abongo. I knew this tool based on information from my friend. I felt lucky because my clients understood my condition. They gave me more time to analyze their site. I used Abongo and succeeded to finish my job fast.

Well, if you get any site or network problems and want to check and analyze those, you are highly suggested to use Abongo. Why?

It is free

If you use other webmaster tools, you will spend much money. Even, if you find free webmaster tool and use it, you will not get accurate data at all. This is different from Abongo. It is a qualified and licensed webmaster tool that you can use anytime and anywhere for free. This means that you can save money.

It has more features

Most webmaster tools are just equipped with two or three features. This made you get difficulty in finding more data. Abongo is different because it offers has more features: DNS, Host, Whois, Tracert, RDNS, Ping, and Page Rank. Just enter your domain name or IP address and click the features. For instance, if your site www.hagaseenmi.com gets any network problems, just click Tracert and DNS. For the DNS result: SOA Analysis: www.hagaseenmi.com appears to have delegated full DNS authority over to webhostingpad.com, Host Analysis: www.hagaseenmi.com currently reports 1 host, all internal, CNAME Analysis: www.hagaseenmi.com currently reports 1 alias, all internal, etc.

Meanwhile, for the Tracert result:    [United States] San Antonio, TX, United States Provider: Rackspace Hosting 0.996 ms 0.899 ms 1.115 ms, core2-aggr701a-7.ord1.rackspace.net RDNS: core2-aggr701a-7.ord1.rackspace.net 1.46 ms 1.408 ms 1.386 ms, and so on.

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