Why Do I Choose Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server1In 2012, I opened a new online store. Thanks to God, my online business runs smoothly till today. There are a lot of digital data that I store almost every week so I take a high quality dedicated server that is equipped with big RAM and fast compile kernel and apache page per second. You need to know that for the first, I did not use this server because I was keen on using cloud server. My reason why I liked this server is simple because it was affordable. At that moment, I just spent for 90 dollars per month. Unfortunately, I did not have big capacity to store a lot of digital data.

In the next year, I stopped using cloud server and started using dedicated server. At that moment, I thought that there was only little thing which distinguished this server from cloud server. It was about capacity or price only. Actually, it was not true because the bandwidth of server benchmark is unmetered and this server is equipped with remote reboot. This feature enables me to reboot my server anytime without having to wait server providers first. You need to know that when I used cloud server, this server ever got crashed so my website cannot be accessed. I contacted the provider and I had to wait for more than three days to get my website back.

The problem made me nearly lose my customers because they thought that my online store collapsed and went bankrupt. After my site could be accessible, I explained to my clients what happened at that moment. The worst part was I lost several digital data so I had to re-upload it at my online store site. Nevertheless, now I don’t need to wait for couple days again because I can reboot my server anytime and minimize the risks of losing digital data.

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