HP Envy Sleekbook: A HP’s Mainstay Weapon

HP Envy SleekbookIn 2011, HP (Hewlett Packard) nearly sold its personal computer division because performance of this division continued decreasing. At the moment, this problem was caused by iPad and Galaxy Tab which took over market. This statement is announced by Mr. Dion Weisler, a senior vice president, Printing and Personal Group, HP Asia-Pacific at HP Global Influencer 2012 event that was hold in Shanghai, China, on May 9th 2012. Continue reading

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Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II: Nice Printer for Everyone

People sometimes want to have the nicest printer but their computer’s operating system is not suitable with some printer types. In fact, there are printer brands that provide the best features but they can only fit into specified operating systems, such as: Windows or Mac. Besides, people will think twice to buy printer brand because they don’t want to waste most of their money only for buying printer. Continue reading