Why Should You Use Abongo?

I really regretted last week because I could not do my job well. At that moment, some of my clients asked me to check their website because of having any problems. Actually, I could do that job well because I am a web professional. Nevertheless, my father got sick and had to bring to hospital. As a good son, I really worry about his condition. This made me unable to focus on my job. I did not want to disappoint my clients, but I had to prioritize my dad. I brought my father to go to another hospital in another city so he got optimal medical treatments. Continue reading

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Check These before Hiring Music Teacher Online

Last week, my mom asked me to visit some music teacher websites and find the right one. She planned to hire music teacher for my little sister. This activity was not difficult but I was confused of choosing it. Those sites offered similar services with reasonable prices. Fortunately, my friend told me that I had to check two things below before hiring music teacher online: Continue reading

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Please Change Your Password …

change passwordI don’t like the time when I have to change my password. I do understand that the provider recommends that for my own safety. Butttt… it’s so hard to create new password that is unique, contains both lower and upper letters, includes number, and also includes at least one symbol. It’s easy to create because I can just press any symbols to get the password.

BUT, how about remembering it? As we know that it’s not safe to store the password, especially email accounts’ internet bankings’ passwords because it’ll be dangerous when irresponsible people found it. Storing them on the smartphone? It’s not a good idea either because smartphone thieves are everywhere.

Thus, what to do to deal with this? First, of course we have to change our password unless we no longer want to use that service. It’s because some providers block us to proceed further unless we change the password.

For people that have similar problem, don’t get frustrated easily when looking for email help because at the end a good and reputable man or company will help you 🙂

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Develop E-Learning Website by Using Moodle

Develop E-Learning

Nook Simple Touch: Read Your E-Book Comfortably

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is software which is produced to learning activity based on internet and web site which uses social constructionist pedagogy principle. This principle explains that the best way to learn is learning from students’ point of view. The role of teacher in Moodle system is interacting to students personally to comprehend their learning need and moderate students’ discussion and activity to direct and guide them so they can achieve learning purposes. Continue reading

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Build Online Store by Using PrestaShop

Build Online Store by Using PrestaShopPrestaShop is web instant software which can be used to build online store. This software can be installed by using web hosting with specification: Linux, Windows, PHP (Personal Home Page) with 5.0 versions and its next versions, Apache 1.3 version or IIS 6 versions and its next versions. PrestaShop supports payment portals like Google Checkout, PayPal, and several payment methods from API (Application Programming Interface). Continue reading

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The Benefits of Taking Online Course

Taking course is very important for all of you both children and adults because it is able to expand your insight. Children might take courses of subjects which are related to their school lessons so they get much new knowledge. While as adults, you might take some courses, such as: cooking for women or driving for men. However, due to your tight schedules on workdays, you might not have enough time to take course which requires you to learn regularly. Well, in this case, you need to take online course which enables you to increase your skills easily. Continue reading

Online Investing: Some Mechanical Problems with the IRR

Online Investing Now that you understand the basic logic of the IRR tool, you should know that the IRR, for all of its usefulness, isn’t flawless. Quicken (and every other investment record-keeper’s computer program) calculates a daily IRR and then multiplies this percentage by the number of days in a year to get an equivalent annual IRR. Continue reading