Why Do I Choose Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server1In 2012, I opened a new online store. Thanks to God, my online business runs smoothly till today. There are a lot of digital data that I store almost every week so I take a high quality dedicated server that is equipped with big RAM and fast compile kernel and apache page per second. You need to know that for the first, I did not use this server because I was keen on using cloud server. My reason why I liked this server is simple because it was affordable. At that moment, I just spent for 90 dollars per month. Unfortunately, I did not have big capacity to store a lot of digital data. Continue reading

3 Principles to Run a Successful Small Online Business

Tons of people start small online businesses by either selling products, such as: clothes, shoes, bags, and homemade meals or offering services, such as: tutoring, computer maintenance, etc. Those are some online business examples started with small capital and simple planning. Are you going to start a small online business too? Remember three principles below so you can succeed and reap profit: Continue reading