Accompany Your Days Together with Acer Iconia W700

Acer Iconia W700On October 4th 2012, Acer announced a new tablet, named Acer Iconia W700. Acer Iconia W700 is released formally on October 26th 2012. This new tablet has an elegant and a trendy design with 1.04 kg and 1.27 cm thickness. Thus, you will feel proud when bringing and using this tablet in front of your friends, colleagues, or business partners. Continue reading

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Acer Iconia B1-A71: A New and Cheap Tablet from Acer

Acer Iconia B1-A71At this time, many people use tablet for various reasons, some people use tablet to support its jobs while some others use this gadget so they look cool and high class because basically, tablet is sold from USD 300 to USD 600 or even more. Nevertheless, whatever the reasons, tablet is a primary and useful electronic need at this moment. Continue reading

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