Blackberry Curve 8530 vs. Blackberry Curve 9320

Blackberry Curve 8530 danRIM (Research In Motion) produces many Blackberry smartphones, such as: Blackberry Curve 8530, Blackberry Curve 9320, etc. in the market place at this moment. Because of this, some users often feel confused of choosing RIM’s smartphones, like: choosing between Blackberry Curve 8530 and Blackberry Curve 9320. Continue reading

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Blackberry vs. Android Phone

Blackberry vs. Android PhoneIn this gadget era, Blackberry and Android phone hold an important role in gadget development. Undoubtedly there are many Blackberry and Android phone products that mushroom at department store. This thing sometimes makes customers confused of choosing these products. Actually these products have disadvantages and disadvantages to consider before you decide to choose one of them: Continue reading

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Blackberry Curve 8530: Affordable Blackberry’s Type

Is there any of you who don’t know about Blackberry? You are too old-fashioned if you don’t know this popular brand. Blackberry successfully attracts many people attention to buy its smartphone types because it provides many types that can be chosen, such as: Bold, Torch, Storm, Curve, and many others. All of those types are sold at various prices so you can match it with your budgets. Well, if you want to have one of Blackberry types but you don’t have many budgets, you should choose Curve types. Continue reading