HTC Butterfly: A New Android Phone for You

HTC ButterflyAt this moment, there are many Android phones at department stores that you can find easily. Thus, some people feel confused of choosing the best smartphone. Are you also still confused of choosing Android phone? If you are, you are highly suggested to choose HTC Butterfly as your choice. Why? It’s because HTC Butterfly which was announced on December 7th 2012 is a new Android phone. Besides, this smartphone is equipped with the newest specifications and features, such as: Continue reading

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Acer Iconia B1-A71: A New and Cheap Tablet from Acer

Acer Iconia B1-A71At this time, many people use tablet for various reasons, some people use tablet to support its jobs while some others use this gadget so they look cool and high class because basically, tablet is sold from USD 300 to USD 600 or even more. Nevertheless, whatever the reasons, tablet is a primary and useful electronic need at this moment. Continue reading

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Razer Project Fiona: New Gaming Tablet with Double Controllers

Razer Project FionPlaying games will be excited if you play the games in the right game consoles. The question is what game consoles that become your favorite? Some of you might choose Play Station or Nintendo, right? Undoubtedly those consoles are popular consoles in the market. If you want to get new challenge in playing games, you might try to choose Razer Project Fiona which will give gamers new sensations. Below is information about this product.    Continue reading