Recording Accrued Interest Shown on a 1099-OID

Online InvestingYou aren’t always paid the interest that you’ve earned. If you purchase a negotiable certificate of deposit (CD), for example, the bank issuing the CD may accrue the interest you’ve earned through the end of the year and then add this amount to the CD’s value. If you purchase a zero-coupon bond, you don’t receive periodic interest payments at all. Rather, the bond issuer accrues interest each year and then repays the bond and the total accrued interest at maturity Continue reading

Margin Loans and Margin Interest and Short Sales

online bankingShort Sales

To record a short sale transaction in Quicken, you just sell a stock you don’t own. To show that these are shares you actually owe your broker, Quicken displays the number of shares and the current market value as negative amounts in the Portfolio view. To record the transaction in which you close out your short position by buying the stock you’ve previously sold, you record a stock purchase in the usual way. Continue reading