Why Do I Choose Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server1In 2012, I opened a new online store. Thanks to God, my online business runs smoothly till today. There are a lot of digital data that I store almost every week so I take a high quality dedicated server that is equipped with big RAM and fast compile kernel and apache page per second. You need to know that for the first, I did not use this server because I was keen on using cloud server. My reason why I liked this server is simple because it was affordable. At that moment, I just spent for 90 dollars per month. Unfortunately, I did not have big capacity to store a lot of digital data. Continue reading

Shop Singing Bowls at Sliver Sky Imports

Are you looking for singing bowls? You probably need those singing bowls for meditation and relaxation but get difficulty to find them.  Fortunately, you can take advantage of using internet to shop what you need easily nowadays. However, you must be really careful of shopping online because there are many scams lately. To buy singing bowls, choose only reliable stores like Silver Sky Imports. Continue reading