Samsung Galaxy Gio

Samsung Galaxy Gio You need to have a smartphone in your life as the replacement of your current mobile phone for getting advanced features inside. Using smartphone is more interesting than ordinary mobile phone because there are many new functions included that isn’t provided in mobile phone. However, you should be careful in choosing smartphone because there are many smartphone brand and type at the moment. Continue reading

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Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook: A Slim and Powerful Ultrabook

Samsung Series 5 UltrabookUltrabook is an electronic product which is identic with slim body and interesting performance. At this time this product mushrooms at department store so you can find it easily. Getting high quality ultrabook you should buy it at reliable store both online and offline. Samsung Series 5 Ultrabookis a popular ultrabook product that you can choose. Why? Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: a 4G Smartphone

Have you ever heard about mobile phone that provides 4G? I’m sure you won’t find it because 4G is also provided by smartphone. In this modern era, people look for the most advanced smartphone so they can get the best feature inside. However, smartphone usually has expensive price especially the one that provides 4G. 4G allows you to connect to internet faster than 3G, such as for: downloading and uploading photos, games, videos, and audios. Continue reading

Samsung Stratosphere: Great Smartphone from Samsung

Having smartphone for a long time, you sometimes need to replace with the new one especially if you find something wrong in your current smartphone. To replace it, of course you need the best smartphone which provides many interesting features inside. Well, if you have a plan to replace your smartphone and look for the new one today, you have to choose a smartphone type from Samsung, named Samsung Stratosphere. Have you ever heard about it? If you haven’t, let’s find it out below. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G: The First Smartphone with New OS Android 4.0

In few times ago, Samsung released a new smartphone that used new Android 4.0 as its operating system, named Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G. Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G is the first smartphone in the world that uses this OS. Of course, with this OS, this smartphone is able to increase multitasking capability. Continue reading