Concerns in Buying iPhone 5S Case

iPhone 5S is one of Apple’s top selling smartphones. According to Statistic Brain, the number of iPhone 5s units sold is reaching 9 million. The owners of Apple iPhone 5s are now starting to optimize their phone usage like by installing applications and buying accessories. How about you? What kinds of iPhone accessories do you have? Have you got an iPhone 5s case? Before purchasing one, you are likely concerned by four points below: Continue reading

Functions of a Smartphone Case

Some smartphone owners enjoy using a case while some others don’t. If you are in the second group, you probably just don’t find it necessary. Besides, a smartphone case makes your device bigger, so you are unable to fit it into your pocket or purse. Another reason why lots of smartphone owners don’t buy any case yet because they just don’t understand the functions of it, such as: Continue reading